[Dovecot-news] I've moved to US

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Feb 7 00:58:26 EET 2009

I thought about saying this in v1.2.beta1 release annoouncement, but
looks like it'll take a few more days. So I've moved to Blacksburg,
Virginia and I'm now working for Mailtrust the rest of this year. Here's
some talk about it:


(A bit stupid looking picture, but then again all my pictures seem to be
that way so I didn't bother getting a new one taken.)

And if it's not clear from that blog: Pretty much everything I do here
will be Dovecot improvements that will be released as open source.
Mailtrust has actually been paying for Dovecot features for about 3
years now.

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