[Dovecot-news] v1.1.rc2 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Mar 8 06:10:06 EET 2008


Changes since rc1:

	* mail_extra_groups setting was commonly used insecurely. This setting
	  is now deprecated. Most users should switch to using
	  mail_privileged_group setting, but if you really need the old
	  functionality use mail_access_groups instead.

	+ Expire plugin now supports wildcards in mailbox names.
	+ dbox: Expire plugin supports moving old mails to alternative
	  dbox directory
	+ Maildir++ quota: quota_rule=?:<rule> specifies a default rule
	  which is used only if the maildirsize file doesn't exist.
	+ If SSL/TLS connection isn't closed cleanly, log the last error
	  in the disconnection line.
	+ EXPUNGE: If new \Deleted messages were found while expunging,
	  do it again and expunge them as well (Outlook workaround)
	- IMAP: SEARCH, LIST and THREAD command correctness fixes
	- Maildir++ quota: Quota rules and warnings with % rules didn't work
	  if the default limits were taken from maildirsize file.
	- Maildir++ quota: If both byte and message limits weren't specified,
	  maildirsize file was recalculated all the time
	- mbox: Flag and keyword updates may have gotten lost in some
	  situations (happens with v1.0 too)
	- ldap: Don't crash if userdb lookup fails
	- Squat fixes and performance improvements

Things left to do for v1.1.0:

 - dbox has a metadata corruption bug, find and fix it
 - Squat has some locking issues that causes errors when stress testing
with multiple connections
 - Squat doesn't do NFS cache flushing and has some other NFS problems.

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