[Dovecot-news] 1.0.rc29 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Mar 30 18:07:37 EEST 2007


Probably one more RC after this.

	* Security fix: If zlib plugin was loaded, it was possible to open
	  gzipped mbox files outside the user's mail directory.

	+ Added auth_gssapi_hostname setting.
	- IMAP: LIST "" "" didn't return anything if there didn't exist a
	  namespace with empty prefix. This broke some clients.
	- If Dovecot is tried to be started when it's already running, don't
	  delete existing auth sockets and break the running Dovecot
	- If deliver failed too early it still returned exit code 89 instead
	- deliver: INBOX fallbacking with -n parameter wasn't working.
	- passdb passwd and shadow couldn't be used as master or deny databases
	- IDLE: inotify didn't notice changes in mbox file
	- If index file directory couldn't be created, disable indexes instead
	  of failing to open the mailbox.
	- Several other minor fixes

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