[Dovecot-news] v1.0.1 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Jun 15 19:55:32 EEST 2007


Lots of small fixes.

	* deliver: If Return-Path doesn't contain user and domain, don't try
	  to bounce the mail (this is how it was supposed to work earlier too)
	* deliver: %variables in mail setting coming from userdb aren't
	  expanded anymore (again how it should have worked). The expansion
	  could have caused problems if paths contained any '%' characters.

	+ Print Dovecot version number with dovecot -n and -a
	+ deliver: Added -e parameter to write rejection error to stderr and
	  exit with EX_NOPERM instead of sending the rejection by executing
	+ dovecot --log-error logs now a warning, an error and a fatal
	- Trying to start Dovecot while it's already running doesn't anymore
	  wipe out login_dir and break the running Dovecot.
	- maildir: Fixed "UID larger than next_uid" errors which happened
	  sometimes when dovecot-uidlist file didn't exist but index files did
	  (usually because mailbox didn't have any messages when it was
	  selected for the first time)
	- maildir: We violated maildir spec a bit by not having keyword
	  characters sorted in the filename.
	- maildir: If we don't have write access to cur/ directory, treat the
	  mailbox as read-only. This fixes some internal error problems with
	  trying to use read-only maildirs.
	- maildir: Deleting a symlinked maildir failed with internal error.
	- mbox: pop3_uidl_format=%m wasn't working right
	- mbox: If non-filesystem quota was enabled, we could have failed
	  with "Unexpectedly lost From-line" errors while saving new messages
	- mysql auth: %c didn't work. Patch by Andrey Panin
	- APPEND / SEARCH: If internaldate was outside valid value for time_t,
	  we returned BAD error for APPEND and SEARCH never matched. With 64bit
	  systems this shouldn't have happened. With 32bit systems the valid
	  range is usually for years 1902..2037.
	- COPY: We sent "Hang in there.." too early sometimes and checked it
	  too often (didn't break anything, but was slower than needed).
	- deliver: Postfix's sendmail binary wasn't working with mail_debug=yes
	- Don't corrupt ssl-parameters.dat files when running multiple Dovecot
	- Cache compression caused dovecot.index.cache to be completely deleted
	  with big endian CPUs if 64bit file offsets were used (default)
	- Fixed "(index_mail_parse_header): assertion failed" crash

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