[Dovecot-news] 1.0.rc10 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Oct 16 00:39:26 UTC 2006


I've finally read all the mails in the mailing list and in my INBOX. If
I haven't replied to some of your mail, please resend it.

Remember that since 1.0.rc9 release dovecot.index.cache files will get
rebuilt in 64bit systems, and it's probably better to delete them
manually so you don't get errors in log files.

There are only a couple of issues left in my v1.0-TODO list:

 - Master process appears to be leaking log fds with kqueue. Could
someone again give me access to a system where this happens?
 - Login process problems. How well does it work now? Hopefully well
enough that v1.0 could be released.
 - LDAP authentication is leaking memory? Can anyone confirm this? Even
better, can someone figure out what exactly is leaking? :) Not a v1.0
blocker though.

I think v1.0 will be released once no-one has reported any major
problems for a Dovecot release in 2-4 weeks. I think login process
handling is the only potentially major problem left.

There are a few patches from people that I haven't forgotten, but I've
decided not to put them into v1.0 anymore:

 - Filesystem quota group. I don't think it's that important feature,
and it might break something.
 - HFS+ hardlink avoiding
 - Managesieve
 - vmailmgr support

And finally the changes in this release:

	* When matching allowed_nets IPs, convert IPv6-mapped-IPv4 addresses
	  to actual IPv4 addresses first.

	+ IMAP: Try to avoid sending duplicate/useless message flag updates
	+ Added support for non-plaintext authentication for vpopmail if it
	  returns plaintext passwords. Based on patch by Remi Gacogne.
	+ Added %D modified to return "sub.domain.org" as
	  "sub,dc=domain,dc=org" (for LDAP queries). Patch by Andrey Panin.
	- rc9 broke cache files in 64bit systems
	- deliver works now with mail_chroot
	- auth cache didn't work properly with multiple passdbs
	- Fixes to handling CRLF linefeeds in mboxes.

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