[Dovecot-news] 1.0.rc2 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jul 4 21:02:08 EEST 2006

Final 1.0 release is looking to get closer. There's nothing left in my
TODO list for it, so please report any old and new bugs you see.

This release also makes upgrades from 0.99 more transparent with
automatic renaming of .subscriptions and .customflags files with


	* disable_plaintext_auth=yes: Removed hardcoded 127.* and ::1 IP
	  checks. Now we just assume that the connection is secure if the
	  local IP matches the remote IP address.
	* SSL code rewrite which hopefully makes it work better than before.
	  Seems to work correctly, but if you suddently have trouble with SSL
	  connections this is likely the reason.

	+ verbose_ssl=yes: Log also SSL alerts and BIO errors
	- If namespace's location field wasn't set, the default location
	  was supposed to be used but it wasn't.
	- When copying ssl-parameters.dat file from /var/lib to /var/run its
	  permissions went wrong if it couldn't be copied with hard linking.
	- Fixed filesystem quota plugin to work with BSDs.
	- Maildir: Saving mails didn't work if quota plugin was enabled (again)
	- Maildir: Messages' received time wasn't saved properly when
	  saving/copying multiple messages at a time. Also if using quota
	  plugin the S= size was only set for the first saved file, and even
	  that was wrong.
	- passdb passwd-file: Don't require valid uid/gid fields if file
	  isn't also being used as a userdb.
	- PostgreSQL: Handle failures better so that there won't be
	  "invalid fd" errors in logs.
	- Don't try to expunge messages if the mailbox is read-only. It'll
	  just cause our index files to go out of sync with the real
	  mailbox and cause errors.
	- ANONYMOUS authentication mechanism couldn't work because
	  anonymous_username setting wasn't passed from master process.

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