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Client Issues




NameFeatures and ExtensionsKnown Issues
OutlookIDLEYou should enable outlook-idle workaround.
Outlook Express 6IDLEUsing "Headers only" synchronization is buggy and can cause "Message is no longer available on this server" error when opening a mail. This isn't Dovecot specific problem, and I'm not aware of any possible workarounds at the moment for this in server side. There's also oe6-fetch-no-newmail workaround for fixing similiar problem with full synchronization. You should also enable outlook-idle workaround.
EvolutionSupports DIGEST-MD5 authCan't create subfolders with mbox support. mailbox_check_interval setting breaks it (disabled by default).
MulberryEverythingSeems to be working.
ThunderbirdIDLEProblems with showing message sizes correctly with Dovecot 1.0-tests. 0.99.x works fine.
MuttSupports many SASL mechanisms via Cyrus SASLSeems to be working.
PineSORT and THREADSeems to be working.
SquirrelMailSORT and THREADConfiguration asks IMAP server name for some workarounds, I'm not aware of Dovecot requiring any so just select the "other" option. By default it uses INBOX-prefix, remove it.
Horde IMP Dovecot doesn't want any folder prefix, but leaving it empty in login screen will just use the default. So, change the default from /etc/imp3/servers.conf. Search for 'folders' => 'mail/' and remove the mail/ part. For IMP2 edit defaults.php3, search for $default->folders = 'mail/'; and remove the mail/ part.




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